Who/what killed Heath Ledger?

211_eye.jpg“Ledger’s Toxicology Results: Died from acute intoxication, abuse of prescription drugs, death accidental,” Huffington Post, Feb. 6, 2008

Julie Deardorf, “Did insomnia kill Heath Ledger?” Chicago Tribune, Feb. 6, 2008
Insomnia medications were reportedly part of the prescription drug cocktail that killed Health Ledger, yet for some reason we still don’t take these drugs seriously.
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What outcome can we hope for, from his tragic death? Tighter FDA restrictions? More education and caution on the part of people who take sleeping pills? Better kinds of sleeping pills?

Mark Loftin, “Heath Ledger and Personal Responsibility,” American Thinker, Feb. 9, 2008
“The idea that Ledger himself may be culpable for his death eludes the left. It’s easier to blame the US healthcare system….”
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“For others who are unwittingly using dangerous combinations of sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs that were never intended to be taken together, perhaps Ledger’s death will prompt them to wake up – so to speak.”
Sarah Britten, “Heath Ledger played Russian Roulette with prescription drugs,” The Times, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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  1. Ledger was taking oxycontin, a popular prescription drug related to heroin. Combining this with any kind of sedating drug is asking for trouble. The sleeping tablets are far less the culprit than this drug; they are more just an “accesory to the crime” so to speak.

    The real question is why are doctors prescribing heroin-like painkillers to people who aren’t suffering from chronic and severe pain? Normally this kind of med should only be prescribed to cancer sufferers or others with severe, debilitatingly painful conditions–not healthy, strapping young adults like Ledger.

  2. Like any drugs, sleeping meds can be dangerous if they are misused. – This includes mixing with certain other drugs and taking too high of a dosage.

    It’s cases like the death of Ledger that give sleep meds a bad rap. There are many people who are greatly helped by these drugs. But of course, the media chooses to focus on the negative.

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