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I realized, when I turned Insomniac in to the publisher in late 2007, that I wanted to find a way to keep talking about insomnia, to draw attention to new developments and research, to learn more about what insomniacs know.

Sleepstarved is a site for insomniacs and by insomniacs who have not found current approaches helpful and would like to start thinking about insomnia in new ways. To a person with a serious and chronic sleep problem, the advice of the “experts” —get up at the same time every day, avoid caffeine and alcohol, etc—may not be much help.

This site has no “expert” advisors, no sponsors or associations with medical professionals or commercial interests, no investment in an approach, method, or product. There are excellent sites, Sleepnet.com and Talkaboutsleep.com, that have professional links. But to think outside the box, we need to step outside the box—to find out what insomniacs know.

Sleepstarved is an attempt to hear what insomniacs have to say. I want to know what you know about insomnia, where you think it came from, the impact it’s had on your life, what helps, what hinders, your experiences with drugs, sleep clinics, cognitive behavioral therapy, alternative therapies, ways you’ve found of coping, and any other insights that might shed light on this complex condition. Those are the categories on the sidebar, but don’t feel confined to them…just tell your story and any other insights you might have that shed light on this complex condition.

We are very different in how we came by our insomnia, how long we’ve had it, how we’re affected by food, light, drugs and other therapies. These differences are important–which is why our stories are important.

To leave a comment, follow the simple instructions to register. I know, it’s a bother, and I often flee sites that require registration, but I have to require it or be overwhelmed with spam. Registration is easy, and there’s absolutely no way I’d share your email with anyone else. This is not a commercial site, nor does it have advertising or links with commercial sites.

Nor is it a medical site. Nothing you read here should be taken as medical advice. Before trying any method or treatment or drug you read about here (or anywhere), you should research it on your own and consult your doctor. There are excellent medical advice sites that can help with informed decisions:

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