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Unexpected help…

I don’t know if this will help anybody else, but it’s worth a try.   Yerba mate tea was recommended to me by an alternative doctor.  I didn’t hold out much hope, but decided I’d try it–and it’s really improved my sleep.  For this past month, I’ve taken hardly any Ambien. There’s a difference […]

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written by Gayle

As someone who’s struggled with insomnia all my life, I face this question on a nightly basis, whether it’s better to reach for a sleep med or tough it out without sleep.  Advertising assures us that there’s little danger from sleep meds, but the scare stories of Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger suggest otherwise. How to sort through […]

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Things to help you sleep, II

written by Gayle

  Here are some things readers have written me about or that I’ve heard about:  A megadose dose of Vitamin D – a couple thousand mgs.   CRANKY BABY:  an aromatherapy spritzer that promises to transform babies from cranky to sweet-tempered. It combines chamomile, tangerine, and sweet orange. This woman swore it did wonders for her. A […]

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Things to help you sleep…

written by Gayle

 I threw out a lot of suggestions, in  Insomniac, for things to quiet a racing mind.  I wrote about  “mind machines,” with  earphones that pump electronic music at you and goggles that flash pink and green –you can barely sustain a thought with these, let alone a racing mind.   I wrote about “brain music” that’s made […]

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What helps, what hinders

written by Gayle

Sleep is personal, sleep is interwoven into the fabric of our deepest beings. It’s not surprising, then, that we work out ways of dealing with sleep that are as individual and distinctive as we ourselves are. What things have you found that help? Foods you’ve found that help? Techniques do you use to get to […]

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