Best Infrared Heating Pads: Things To Know Before You Buy!

Preview the best infrared heating pads with high-quality heat sensors and materials.

Struggling with a heating pad when you need it is quite frustrating, especially during winter. However, over 75% of consumers experience problems as a result of buying low-quality equipment. Smart buyers spend low amounts on their heating pads with satisfactory results. Do you need an expert opinion to help guide the selection of a heating pad? We can help!

Comparison Between HealthyLine Vs. BioMat Vs. Ereada


Heat Sensor Layers

18+ layers

16+ layers

14+ layers

Adjustable Feature




Bed Size

80″L x 60″W

76″L x 58″W

72″L x 56″W

Special Features


Pu-Film Resistance



5 Years

2 Years

2 Years

Why You Need Infrared Heating Pads

Several medical journals highlight the therapeutic benefits of infrared heating pads. Here is a list of the numerous uses of these pads, including improving cardiovascular health.

Inflammation & Pain:

One of the safest methods of reducing pain and inflammation is the use of infrared pad therapy. Using the heating pad effectively calms the feeling of discomfort and irritation by penetrating through several layers of the skin, muscle, and bone. The heat also helps reduce bumps on specified areas without causing more harm.


The most relaxing and effective way of applying infrared therapy is through saunas. Far infrared light is highly recommended for its detoxifying effects for strengthening the immune system. The right infrared routine can improve digestion and metabolism by 25%.

Muscular Injuries:

Infrared heating pads are known for their distinctive ability to trigger the repair of muscles and tissues. The even heat from the far infrared heating pad speeds up the healing process of injuries by improving the Mitochondrial activities within the cell.

Potential Cancer Cure:

Using an infrared heating mat with the doctor’s recommendations could help manage damage from cancerous cells. Medical studies consistently show the continuous activation of nanoparticles piercing through the skin when in contact with an infrared heat pad.

Blood Vessels Expansion:

Regulated heat from the heating pad causes the blood vessels to expand and enhances the flow of blood throughout the body. Scientific studies prove that your blood circulation could increase over 15% when the vessels expand. All far infrared heating pad reviews prove this. Even with the amount of heat transferred to the skin, this therapeutic process never causes temperature rise on the skin.

Infrared Heating Pads Top Brands


HealthyLine provides the world’s best infrared heating pads making a wide selection of heated natural Gemstone mats annually. As an industry-leading manufacturer, HealthyLine has access to the best supplies of natural gemstones across the globe. The brand thrives on creating a world where wellness influences life without costing a fortune. HealthyLine improves its technology yearly to provide lasting solutions to the customer’s everyday needs.


Medicrystal LLC is popular for its high-quality infrared heating pad systems serving a global market to satisfaction. The manufacturing company is vetted to provide heating products that are vegan, cruel-free, and animal-free to its consumers. MediCrystal drives towards comfort when creating their heating pads using human-made suede and leather. Crystals are sourced from peaceful origins through verified sources for the safety and consumption of the users.


The RichWay BioMat technology thrives on a combo of Negative Ion, Infrared Rays, and selected properties from Amethyst channels. BioMat professionals infuse these health stimulators into wellness-defining products for healthy living. As an FDA Approved company, BioMat provides the best infrared heating mats to treat sprains, muscle pain, Arthritis, and more. Based on Nobel-prize scientific research, BioMat now serves the medical community with healing pads formula.


Ereada manufactures high-quality infrared heating pads tested by KGI (Korean Geological Institute). The Korean company boasts of creating the best and world-class infrared heating mats using quality far infrared stones on all products. Ereada operates using a -600V Negative Potential standard for the creation of all Amethyst products. The Ereada infrared shoulder heating pad is incorporated with a Powerful Magnetism function to aid comfort during use.

Key Features Of Infrared Heating Pads

Far Infrared Therapy

Most healing mats especially the Jade infrared heating pad utilizes Far infrared therapy to relieve individuals of joint and minor muscle pain. The therapy operates by slightly increasing the temperature of the body surface within a maximum range. Laying comfortably on such a temperature increase could result in the spread of oxygenated blood across all areas of the body. FIR is often known for inhibiting blood circulation to selected areas that immediate attention.

Negative Ion Therapy

The essence of Negative Ion Therapy is to treat the body with natural ingredients and sources provided by nature. While some chemically-induced treatment options work quite well, the majority of them attract side effects and long-term effects. Negative Ion Therapy provides humanity with healthy option from naturally-occurring forces as water, sunlight, and the earth’s radiation. This natural technology is transferred to infrared heating pads.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone therapy is an ancient treatment option for healing minor sprains and other muscular injuries in the body. Before technology infused the idea into mats and pads, hot stones were literally placed on the affected areas to reduce the inflammation and pain. The outstanding results of the Hot Stone therapy clear any doubts on the effect of infrared heating pads. The therapeutic massage helps to melt tension increase metabolism and ease muscle stiffness amongst other things.


The ancient black color of Obsidian is a stone with healing roots known to cure several bone and muscles related injuries. More importantly, people believe that Obsidian attracts both mental and physical pain to it protecting the user from harm or discomfort. This powerful support gemstone adds a significant relieving effect when combined with other stones in the production of infrared heating pads. The amplifying effect of the stone makes a lot of difference in products.


The Greeks benefit greatly from the use of Amethyst stone for solving their fractures and other bone-related injuries. For centuries, medicine benefits from the numerous health importance of the Purple Stone called Amethyst. A few decades down the line, the idea to infuse Amethyst into healing mats became a vital treatment option in dealing with insomnia and depression. Amethyst naturally conducts Negative Ions and FIR making it the most important piece of the heating pad technology.


People often go for the infrared neck heating pad option because of the concentration of Tourmaline stone in it. Tourmaline Gemstone cures quite some pain-induced discomfort that could result in temporary and permanent stiffness or joint paralysis. The stone helps to inhibit mental alertness, relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve blood circulation. The effect of Tourmaline in a huabang infrared heating pad reduces toxin-related ailments.

Best Infrared Heating Pads Review & Buyer’s Recommendation

MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

The MediCrystal product is the best far infrared heating pad with a deep FIR heat therapy technology that’s second to none. This infrared heating pad system radiates heat evenly with its zero EDF heating feature. The triangular-transparent opening at the center of the mat showing Amethysts helps to spectate the pad into halves. With this MediCrystal fir heating pad, users get two times the temperature sensors of the previous generation.

The 18-layer heat sensor mat supports the arrangements for thousands of 100% Organic Amethyst Crystals. Its combination of Far-infrared Deep Heat and Negative Ions enables painless heat penetration through the skin. This product makes the list of far infrared heating pad reviews because of its absorbable wave length bringing immediate soothing to the skin. The Hot Stone fir therapy feature helps to burn fat, enhance detoxification, and treat rheumatism.

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad

The HealthyLine far infrared heating pad has been the people’s choice for many years due to its 3-n-1 therapy capability. These pads include the Negative Ion, Far Infrared, and Hot Stone therapeutic features in one mat. The LED Display on the controller makes it easy to operate the heating mat.

The advanced-filtration system of the HealthyLine heating pads helps to amplify the effects of the Natural Crushed Stones (Obsidian, Tourmaline, and Amethyst). Users can be rest assured they will experience zero skin irritation after use. Most far infrared pad users choose HealthLine for its 5-year warranty. Its cutting-edge luxury design fits into any decor.

Ereada Bio Amethyst Far Infrared Heating Mat

Get the Ereada Original Korean Quality far infrared pads for the best “Hot Stone” therapeutic experience. With the Adjustable 86-158F feature, the Far infrared heating pad can be set to the desired temperature range. Everyone loves the Ereada Bio Amethyst far infrared pad for the beautiful glow of its Jewel-like natural amethyst crystals while in use. The product guarantees optimal performance and it is FDA Manufacturer Approved indicating the authenticity of the production materials.

Its Deep Impact FAR Heating feature makes treating inflammation and pain in muscles or joints super easy. The 76″L x 58W Queen-size far infrared heating pad makes sharing the soothing heat effect easy for multiple people. With 7-intensity double-silicon layers, the infrared heating pads offer even heat from the tip of the head downwards. The Ereada far infrared heat pad comes in an EMF-free Titanium cover. The heating system penetrates up to 8″ deep into the skin.

Ereada Bio-Photon Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

These Bio-Photon red light Ereada infra red heating pads are manufactured in Korea by Hyundai. Get both couple and single Amethyst pillows for maximum comfort during a long soothing heating session. The Static Magnet, Crystal Rays, Air Irons, and Bio-Photon Red Light features contribute to giving a wellness-defining experience. Its 60″L x 24″W Midsized infrared healing pads helps to speed up the healing process of muscular injuries and other joints pain.

The Monochromic 660 Nm light spreads across each infra red heat pad radiating heat and a beautifying red light sequence on the mat. Enjoy the exquisite comfort that comes with the heat from Copper Coils and Static Magnets. This is another people’s choice infrared heat pad with 10x brighter lights compared to its existing competitors. Alongside the 18-layer Jewellery-grade Natural Amethyst feature comes two pairs of waterproof protection covers.

HealthyLine 3-In-1 Mesh Infrared Heating Pad

Its Back Pain Relief feature makes this HealthyLline heating pad product get continuous attention from consumers annually. This far infrared heating pad with Jade stones displays 210+ Tourmaline and Jade Stones visible to the eyes. Enjoy its over-the-chart Heat Therapy for Sciatica as the heat sequence helps to relieve the pain from the back down to the legs. The Auto-Off feature comes in handy especially for times when a long nap is needed after each heat therapy session.

The 80″L x 60″W Queen-size makes it possible for three persons to share the ir heating pad comfortably while enjoying its unique features. Get the healing features of the HealthyLine 3-In-1 ir pads to treat Back Pain and Arthritis discomforts. Order for this distinct ir heating pad from far infrared heating pad stores for its outstanding features. The HealthyLine 3-In-1 Mesh product is powered by a 270-Watt infrared heating pad system to help conserve electricity.

MediCrystal Deep FIR Heating Infrared Pad

MediCrystal products always qualify for the best infrared heating pad reviews as a result of their FDA manufacturer registration seal. Users prefer this choice to get access to its wide range of adjustable temperatures between 86-158F. To guarantee safety during use, this product comes with a Triangle-Window Pu-Film heat resistance feature. Users get tailored edge-to-edge finish on each far infrared heating pad Jade purchased from MediCrystal.

As a TUV&CE certified infrared pad therapy manufacturing company, MediCrystal produces one of the best infrared heating pads with top quality. This Deep FIR heating infrared pad is suitable for persons of all ages. Enjoy the Trade-In policy that comes with a 2-year warranty on all MediCrystal Deep FIR Infrared Heating pads. The Natural Black Tourmaline and Uruguay-Origin Crushed Amethyst Crystals are the distinct features of this MediCrystal heating pad product.

HealthyLine Far Infrared Gemstone Heating Pad

Maximum comfort is guaranteed with this product because of its Soft-filled Amethyst features. The Tourmaline and Jade Crystals combination brings about a heat chain reaction that’s effective in treating backaches and muscular injuries. The EMF blocking feature helps to regulate the overall temperature from the mat keeping the skin safe from high-degree burns. Among the small infrared heating pad reviews, this HealthyLine product provides the highest Crushed Gemstone effect.

The direct combination of Negative Ions, Infrared, and Photo-Light therapy makes the body gets the all-round therapeutic care it deserves. Enjoy the naturally-advanced effect of one of the best infrared heating pads to treat joint and alleviated muscle pain or injuries. As one of the top skin-friendly infrared heating pad systems, this product also helps to ease symptoms of fatigue. This sweat-induced mat helps to detoxify the body of sulfuric acid, fat-soluble toxins, and cholesterol.

ThermoGem Infrared Heat Amethyst Jade Pad

Since the release of the first batch of the ThermoGem far infrared heating pad Jade, the product has won the hearts of many. First, its 72Lx24W Large Queen size makes the heat therapy become more of a relaxing experience than another treatment option. The package comes with an additional Hot Stone blanket to help improve back health when in use. This infrared heating pad review would be incomplete without the extraordinary auto-safety feature of the ThermoGem Jade infrared pad.

Its multilayer absorbing feature helps to actively pull out sweat from the sweat glands without causing damage to the skin tissues. The ThermoGem infrared heating pad comes in an ultra-thin and flexible layer that enables wrapping around the arms, legs, and entire body. To break the limitations of laying on the infrared heating mat, this product can be used on a sofa or wrapped around specific parts only. The Tourmaline feature aids cleansing support and cell regeneration.

HealthyLine EMF-Blocking Infrared Heating Pad

For the best pain relief treatment option, subscribe to this HealthyLine EMF-Blocking Infrared Heating pad. The photon-light therapy effect helps to create a soothing relief to muscular injuries by penetrating through the skin. Looking at a few far infrared heating pads reviews, this HealthyLine product provides the highest health benefits. With its high-quality materials, joints healing, back pain relief, and muscle realignment are handled without freight.

The patented technology from the product combines Negative Ions and Infrared rays making the mat perfect for bloodstream circulation. To invigorate wellness, the manufacturers infused one of the best advanced-filtration systems better than its competitors. The ancient Greece Purple Stone Amethyst therapy formulation is integrated into the design of this heating pad. Unlike other infrared heating pad reviews, this highlights the Fibromyalgia and Insomnia benefits of this mat.

HealthyLine Natural-Jade Mesh JT Heating Mat

The Easy-to-roll-up feature with this mat is the reason everyone loves to have the product. This HealthyLine heating pad enables users to easily fold the mat without worries of damaging the lights. The Mesh-lining feature allows each Jade and Tourmaline stone to be carefully arranged in a Mesh-like manner for proper heat therapy. After switching on the heating pad, the sequentially arranged stones are immediately powered up by high levels of Negative Ions.

For the best self-organized spa experience at the comfort of a home, this HealthyLine heating is highly recommended. The infrared heat mat helps to reduce to a minimum the level of anxiety and tension. Enjoy the unlimited health benefits associated with the infrared rays emitting from the non-visible light. With the increased blood circulation as a result of the Hot Stone therapy feature, more oxygen is transported throughout the body.

MediCrystal FIR Support Infrared Heating Pad

Alongside this reddish-brown infrared heating pad comes Crystal FIR Pillows for premium comfort during each healing or relaxation session. The HARD FOAM feature, in particular, makes relaxing possible without having backaches when trying to treat body pain or inflammation. Its eco-friendly leather foams support breathability when you have to lie face down on the heating mat. Get the best of its FIR CERVICAL SUPPORT with the 20 x 12 x 4 inches foam.

This product gets so common among users because of its beautiful wave-line design on the hard foam. The pillows function so well without direct electric current since they can be charged and used whenever the user seems fit. Its anti-EMF features ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep without the aftermath of bacteria or molds. The infrared heating pad product is popular for its Neck and Head Pain, Migraine, Insomnia, and Bad Dreams features.

Maintenance Tips For Infrared Heating Mats

  • Clean Interior With A Damp Cloth: Since the infrared heating mat provides dry heat basically, cleaning with a damp cloth should help you maintain the heat censors. During cleaning, prevent leaving out particles of any kind into the pad chamber. Particles left in the chamber could result in burning during use leading to fumes which could cause discomfort.
  • Mild Surface Cleaning After Use: While it is important to keep the small infrared heating pad clean always, a simple wipe after use should do the trick. The surface should be cleaned gently to avoid tampering with the heat centers or messing with the Hot Stones. Avoid the use of a sponge or hard cloth on the surface to prevent discomfort during use.
  • Store Dry & Avoid Contact With Water: While the majority of the best infrared heating pads are waterproofed, not all of them have protective measures against water. Water contact of any kind could result in a high-degree shock that would be disastrous. Prevent contact with water to avoid destroying the heat censors and other delicate areas.
  • Turn Off To Prevent Electric Surge: To get the best of the heating device, ensure it is disconnected from the electric source after use. Most infrared heating mats come with auto-off features that enable users to turn off the devices after a stipulated period. In the absence of this feature, ensure the device isn’t running for so long when not in use.

Above all, repairs should be directed to the manufacturer without prior tampering of the heating device. Only in extreme circumstances should a professional be allowed to repair, fix, or install parts of the heating pad. Note that the warranty for the above products varies. It’d be best you look out for their warranty requirements before requesting refundable rights.

Infrared Heating Pads FAQs

Q: Who Should Not Use An Infrared Heating Pad?

Stay fat away from infrared heating pads if you have medical implants that are high conductors of heat and electricity. Patients with medical implants installed should seek other treatment options. Individuals that are highly sensitive to heat should not use an infrared heating pad to prevent skin irritation and discomfort. People with poor blood circulation depriving them of feeling heat should keep off.

Q: Is Infrared Heat Good For Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis, popularly called Arthritis is best treated using Infrared Heat. The heat emitted from Far Infrared Heating Pads not only reduces the symptoms of Arthritis but also helps to manage it. Infrared heat also helps treat the root cause of Osteoarthritis by tackling its effect on the muscles. In the long run, continuous treatment using heat pads would reduce difficulty when walking.

Q: Do Infrared Heating Pads Work?

The safety of infrared heating pads provides safe pain relief and a natural method for treating muscular injuries. It has been proven that heat expands the blood vessels and causes optimal blood circulation. Heating pads help to reduce the bump on the fingers or other parts of the body. Common issues like skin redness and deformity can be cleared completely using heating pads.

Q: Can Infrared Heat Penetrate Clothing?

Yes, Infrared heat can penetrate through clothing and fabric and also several inches into the body. But for the best effect, it is recommended to place the pad as close to the skin as possible.

Q: What Are The Dangers of Infrared?

Infrared heating pads should not be used near the eyes due to the function of the product to increase temperature. Using infrared heating products could potentially lead to the retina, lens, and cornea damage. Other potential dangers include retina burns and cataracts.

Q: Can I Sleep With Infrared Heating Pad?

It is not recommended to fall asleep with or on an infrared heating pad. Using the pad beyond the estimated 30 minutes timeframe could cause burns that could do long-term damage to the skin.

Q: Is There a Difference Between Infrared and Far Infrared?

Infrared light has a range of wavelengths which include “Near Infrared” and “Far Infrared.” The near Infrared light has the shortest wavelength while the Far Infrared light has a longer wavelength and can penetrate deeper into the body.


Infrared therapy contributes to our daily life in many ways. Statistics show that the use of infrared therapy is widely used in Oncology, treating Auto-immune diseases, and Veterinary Medicine. The natural and highly safe method for treating Arthritis, Joint issues, and muscular injuries has now been integrated into healing mats. Infrared heating mats have the capability of assisting with detoxification and enhancing blood circulation in the body.

Which of these infrared heating pads are you ordering today? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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