The Perfect Sleep Chairs for You For 2021


Falling asleep on the couch is not ideal for your health. You can develop back pain – but what about falling asleep on a recliner? Many of us are culpable of dozing off on uber-cozy chairs few minutes after getting lost in an interesting book or seeing a TV show.

Of course, there are upsides and downsides to dozing off in your favorite chair. It is true that having a comfortable mattress and a loving spouse can make your sleep much better. But recliners come in as a handy option for those suffering from medical issues. This is especially true for those issues that may get worse by sleeping on conventional beds.

Research has shown that more people experience discomfort due to their long sitting position. Many people with back pain issues are ignoring what the perfect sleep chairs cost and going for them because of the comfort that they provide.

So, let’s walk you through five of the best sleep chairs that you can find in the marketplace and why you should buy them!

The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

The Mcombo recliner chair comes with a power lift that includes a small motor. This motor helps push up the chair from its base to assist the seated you in standing.

The recliner chair features a remote control so that you can make a slight incline by just pushing the button. This will place the individual in a standing position to enable them to get vertical with ease.

You may lower it to make you get into the reclining chair while in a standing position and then gradually lower it even as you are still seated. It also features heating and massage functions.

It is one of the perfect sleeper chairs that is ideal for people suffering from painful, decreased, or mobility problems. If getting into and out of a chair seems to be a problem for you, then consider going for this product.

To that end, this is one of the best chairs to sleep in for people with disability or mobility problems due to surgery or age that sleep in chairs for a long time. This is because it helps ease the pains in their joints as they sit down or stand up. But you also don’t have to be disabled or elderly to make the most of this sleeping chair recliner.

Best Features

  • Durable with high-quality
  • USB charging ports and cup holders
  • Massage and Heat for the elderly
  • Padded headrest


  • Comfort: This sleep chair is one of the ultimate sleep chairs for the utmost comfort.
  • Massage and Heat for the elderly: This power sleep chair also offers massage for the elderly which helps ease back pain.
  • Flexibility: You can adjust this perfect lift chair into three positions: reclining, TV, and upright.
  • Cost: The price of this Recliner ranges from $519.60 – $529.90, placing this above other sleep recliners.
  • Lots of options: This power lift chair is available in five colors: Black, cream white, dark brown, light brown, and red.


  • The noise from the massage may be disturbing for some users.
  • Its USB port is only available for low-power devices such as iPhones, tablets, and Android phones.
  • It is not a great option for those that want a chair that can recline into a bed. This is because this sleep chair can only accommodate limited movement.


We recommend this chair for:

  • People with back pain issues
  • The elderly or people with health challenges
  • People who need a recliner for both sleeping and relaxation

The Perfect Chair Pc-420 Manual Recliner

This high-end recliner chair will furnish you with a sensation of weightlessness on both your legs and back to give you a total experience of relief and comfort. With this recliner chair, sleeping time becomes more rewarding.

True to its name, this recliner chair is one best lift chairs for sleeping as it is perfectly designed using some of the best materials. The manufacturers of this product were careful enough to design it for ergonomic support and comfort. Fine leather upholstery wraps up the pad all over, plus its arms.

This recliner chair lets you experience a comforting postural hold up to your lower abdominal region and is fixed via a valve that lets you alter the amount of support that your lumber region experiences. This support is in-built and you can set it to a high or low position manually, all by yourself.

It also comes with a modifiable headrest function that works in tandem with the rest of the chair’s structure to support your neck by providing it with a cushioning effect.

Best Features

  • Full support head pillow
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Extended armrests
  • Recline lever


  • Perfect for Light Sleeping: With its adjustable footrest and adjustable recline lever, this sleep chair is perfect for light sleepers.
  • Comfort: The full support head pillow makes it comfortable for sleeping and prevents neck or back sprain when waking. It can also be adjusted manually.
  • Sleek Feel: The PC-420 sleep recliner adds a sleek look to your decor. With this, you are assured of luxury and style even with comfort. This makes it one of the best chairs for sleeping.
  • Durability: This sleep chair is perfectly hand-crafted from top leather and it has a Zero-Gravity feature. Its wood is also durable and can is not affected by weather which causes rust.


  • The PC-420 ranges from $2,199–$2, 699 and may not be suitable if you are working with a budget.
  • It lacks the plush cushions that come with the MCombo sleep recliner and may not be suitable for heavy sleep or long sitting posture. Thus, it is not recommended as the perfect recliner chair for sleeping, especially for the elderly or those who want a sleep chair for health reasons.

The Irene House Dual Okin Motor Lift Chair

The perfect lift chair comes with a great power lift and miniature motor; this is exactly the case with this sleep chair. This inclusion helps raise up the chair from its base to help someone seated when he wants to stand. Like most of the new recliner chairs that flood the market recently, this recliner chair features remote control to make seating better and more comfortable.

It is a great chair for individuals that have some medical conditions that limit or makes their movements quite painful. These medical conditions may be prompted by a surgery gone wrong or purely due to old age.

Hence, individuals suffering from mobility or disability issues due who spend most of their days staying in a sedentary position by remaining seated. We recommend this chair for them because it assists them in easing their joint pains when they attempt to sit down or stand up. Any other person that wants to enjoy the dividends of a lift sleep chair in getting the most comfort can also make use of this product.

Best Features

  • Adjustable backrest and footrest
  • Maximum weight recommendation — 300lbs
  • Side pocket design


  • Wide range of colors: This sleep recliner is available in seven colors: blue, brown leather, sage, brown, grey, grey leather, and light-brown. Thus, you have a wide range of color options to choose from which would blend with your decor.
  • Cost: Its price is relatively cheap as it ranges from $549.99–$659.99. This is perfect for you if you are working on a budget.
  • Comfort: The Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair comes with comfortable upholstery and sturdy construction. Its smooth and comfortable leather makes it one of the best chairs to sleep in.
  • Durability: Each support/design comes with a warranty ranging from one year to three years. The recliner also has breathable and waterproof leather guaranteed to last long. This also saves you the stress of cleaning.
  • Flexibility: The backrest can be operated from 105° to 180° and the footrest from 90° to 180°. With its comfortable upholstery, it is suitable for heavy sleepers making it one of the best recliner chairs to sleep in.
  • Customer reviews: On amazon, the chair places 4. 8 on sturdiness, 4.4 on Comfort, value for money as well as being easy to assemble.


  • It does not come with a USB port, a feature available on the Mcombo Sleep chair.


We recommend this product for:

  • Suitable for the elderly.
  • Suitable for those with leg/backache.
  • Suitable for family use.

Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

The eccentric build of this recliner chair is a testament to the fact that the makers of this product didn’t leave out any chances to makes one of the best sleeper recliners out there.

Its build is purely in line with the latest conventions in the recliner chair industry. This isn’t something to feel bad for. After all, most users will always run after conventional styling.

The Lane recliner chair is created to seamlessly complement most of the home decors out there.

With its size, it is simply unlikely that this product can fade into the background of your parlor. This chair is sufficiently large to cover any room you make for it and would make great sense if you make it your room’s point of focus.

But there are some things that you should know about the adjustability of this recliner chair. It is a 3-position, manual recliner chair. That means that you may partially recline it in a position that makes it appear as if you are watching the TV, fully recline, or sit in an upright position.

When it is on full recline, this recliner chair does not lie in a completely flat position. Hence, it cannot be said to be a sleeper recliner, rather it is one that can make you nap in it if that is what you want.

It is also important to note that even though the manufacturer of this product says it is a wall hugger, they have not completely mastered it, and you’ll require about ten inches clearance between seatback.

Some of the wall huggers you’ll be encountering only need about three to four inches of clearance. While it is true that the manufacturer needs to improve in this aspect, their product is not normally a deal-breaker due to this.

Best Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Full body recliner
  • Locking footrest


  • Suitable for all body types. This recliner accommodates all body types which makes it suitable for family use. It also accommodates body weight up to 500lbs. Plus it is one of the best recliners for elderly to sleep in.
  • Comfort: This sleep chair is perfect for both sleeping and relaxation. Its plush upholstery is heavily cushioned to help alleviate back pain and ensure maximum comfort for the sleeper.
  • Durability and Strength: It is made from seven-gauge steel and has a locking footrest, both of which ensure no sagging making it one of the best sleeping recliners you can find.
  • Flexibility: The Ashley special design recliner accommodates a full-body recline and is similar to sleeping on a bed. This chair is also currently available in six colors: cafe, dorado charcoal, gladiator charcoal, walnut, and wine.


  • Cost: The price of this sleep chair ranges from $988.98 to $1249. This makes a more expensive than the Mcombo recliner and may not be the best option if you are working with a low budget.
  • Manually operated: The position of the sleep chair has to be manually operated which may be stressful for the elderly or people with slight mobility difficulties.

Signature Power Lift Recliner By Ashley Yandel

If you need a fashionable and efficient power lift recliner chair, then it may be quite helpful to cast your gaze towards the Signature power lift recliner chair by Ashley Yandel. At first glance, this recliner chair appears like a standard recliner with an up-to-the-minute coffee-colored fabric cover-up plus a lighter over its stitching to make it attractive.

It is particularly suitable for people with larger body sizes because it comes with a deeper and wider seat than what is obtainable in some other recliner chairs. It also features arms that are comfortably padded to make it more relaxing to spend a great time in it.

This highly resilient chair supports your back and bottom, and its coverings make it easy to clean. The recliner chair gives you the benefit of adjusting to a comfortable and relaxing position.

With its back cushion feature, you can enjoy massages and heats with two unique levels. The Signature recliner chair almost completely reclines in a prone position; an ideal post-surgery chair for individuals that find it difficult sleeping in a conventional bed.

Best Features

  • Slow power movement
  • Full recliner
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Dual motor
  • Power Lift feature


  • Modern Power Lift Recliner: In this dual motor lift chair Recliner, modern Style and functionality are both embraces and merged.
  • Comfort: Its saddle brown upholstery looks like leather, but is thick poly fiber with a cozy feel-good touch. Its upholstery is designed for comfort with a high back.
  • Slow Power Movement: It takes approximately one minute to complete a positioning from fully reclined to completely lifted. This feature makes it one of the best recliners to sleep in.
  • Cost: Its prices range from $570 to $1084.99 which is budget effective.
  • Easy to Assemble: With minimal tools, it requires little or no technicality to assemble the chair.


  • While its slow power movement is ideal for the elderly, it would require maximum patience for others to wait for it to move into a suitable position.
  • It may not be suitable for young adults although it is perfect for seniors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Sleep Chair


Price is often a deciding factor when choosing which sleep chair to go for. The prices of sleep chairs can range from as low as $400 to thousands of dollars. So, when choosing the best lift chair for money savings, make sure to check out the price before making a buy.


Reviews answer the burning question, “what is the best lift chair” that many people are asking. The best lift chair reviews are a great way to assess the best chair for you. The more the comments, the surer you are about the product.

Type of Leather

Some sleep chairs have easy-to-clean leather while others need a little more technicality. You want to be sure that you can clean it quite with ease and that it is very durable. With the right choice, the perfect sleep chair can last generations.


Most chairs have recommendations that fit different kinds of sleepers. Some recliners accommodate only 300lbs while the best power recliner for sleeping can accommodate as high as 500lbs. Ensure that you check out the weight recommendations when reading up some of the best lift chair recliner reviews before choosing a sleep Recliner.

Sleep time and Lift height

Are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper? Also, do you intend to sleep for a long time, or is it only for short rests? Some of the best power lift recliners have fixed positions while others allow for flexible rotation. You want to choose a sleep chair that will lift your body while ensuring that you get maximum rest.

If you are a sleep lover, go for chairs that can accommodate longer sleeping hours. Shy away from uncomfortable recliners that can add to your backache even if they are tagged “the best recliner lift chairs.”

Having examined the following features above we will go in to review the five best sleep chairs that accommodate your needs. We considered all the factors when investigating the best power recliner reviews.

Why Choose A Sleep Chair?

It is quite easy to return home after a stressful day and lay down to sleep in the living room, even before getting to the bedroom. For people with back or leg pains, pregnant women, or the elderly, the idea of laying on a bed may not sound appealing. Here is when sleep chairs come in handy.

Benefits of a Sleep Recliner

Sleep chairs can be beneficial to your health for the following reasons.

Reduction in Back Pain

Perfect sleep chairs help to lift your position when sleeping which alleviates back pain. Oftentimes, people choose to sleep on a chair instead of a bed after a stressful day of being on one’s feet or sitting still for long. With the right sleep chair, back pains and leg aches can be alleviated.

Improved Blood Circulation

One of the effects of sleeping or sitting too long in a position is hindered blood circulation. The best recliner chairs for sleeping enable blood circulation, especially after a stressful day.

And with new-age modifications like electric massage and moveable foot and backrests, sleep chairs have become one of the perfect tools to improve and regulate blood circulations.

Relief from Heartburns and Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea refers to a sleep disorder whereby a person’s breathing becomes irregular. It is usually characterized by a repeated stop and start of the breath. The common types of sleep apnea are obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and complex sleep apnea syndrome.

Sleep apnea and heartburns can be incredibly harmful and constitute a hindrance to successful sleep. Sleep chairs, therefore, help to lift the body position to open up airways that may be otherwise blocked.

Boosts Respiratory Function

Sleep chairs and recliners help to enhance circulation after going through the stress of the day with swollen legs and ankles. Recliners help take the weight off your back and ensure better digestion.

While sleep chairs cannot completely override the bed, they provide a viable alternative for people with health issues or the elderly.

A Complement to Decor and Style

One commonly overlooked benefit of sleep chairs is that they play a complementary role to home and office decor. The right sleep chair or recliner can help enhance your space and give you that homey feel. Depending on the product, sleep chairs are also a great addition to the workspace and give your office that chic and sleek feel. Throw in the added benefits of comfort and its health-aid function and they become a great choice for the office.

Aside from the above functions listed, the perfect sleep chair can also help to relieve symptoms of snoring, stress, and also calm the nerves. Some sleep chairs also offer massage functions that help you relax while having a mini massage treatment. With the right recliner, you can enjoy the best of both worlds (sleeping and lounging).

While sleep chairs are very important, they also come with disadvantages which place them below the normal bed.

Disadvantages of a Sleep Recliner

Different models of sleep chairs indeed come with different modifications. However, there are a few cons that we got from our investigation of some of the best power lift recliner reviews.

Limited Movement

The best recliners for sleeping are primarily designed to accommodate one sleeping posture – lying with the back faced down. However, the human body moves on an average of 14 – 20 positions for the average sleeper. As a result, sleep chairs present a less viable option for movement and lengthy sleeping. Thus, it is preferable to sleep on a regular-sized bed, except for cases of health requirements.

No Weight Consideration

Many of the best lift chair manufacturers make their sleep chairs have limited weight accommodation. Some can accommodate 300lbs and some of the best lift chair recliners extend this limit to 500lbs like the Lane home furnishings does. Hence, this provides a range of limited options for people with heavier body sizes.

Reduction in Heavy Sleep

Sleep chairs are best for light sleeping which could stretch up to two hours. They are a perfect option for stretching, naps, lounging, or rest. Even the best-rated recliner lift chairs do not allow the average sleeper to experience heavy sleep. A situation that can affect health adversely.

For the elderly, these recliners might be the best way to sleep in a chair. However, for young adults or the working class, it is ill-advised as it can lead to irritability, tiredness, and lack of productivity in the long run.

Not suitable for Continuous Overnight Sleeping

Planning to buy a bed but thinking of a sleep chair or recliner instead? Well, one may have to reconsider that option as even some of the best lift recliner chairs offer a less than suitable position for continuous overnight sleeping. In the long run, even the best power lift recliner chairs can affect the muscles, cause cramps and restrict blood circulation.

Not Suitable for all Body Types

Sleep chairs come with different restrictions which include the height of an individual. Some sleep chairs do not accommodate people with tall height and end up more uncomfortable than they intended to be.


Your health is incredibly paramount and sleep is one of the ways to ensure sound health. However, this journey is not complete without the perfect sleep chair for you. Our review is one of the most comprehensive perfect sleep chair reviews you can get.

Many factors can influence your choice of sleep chair and no matter whom you are purchasing it for; there are many factors to consider. These factors include the perfect sleep chair prices, choice of decor, observing the features it offers, the extent of reclining position, etc. Some sleep chairs offer full reclining positions making them similar to full-sized beds. Others have limited space movement. Some are manually operated while others come with remote controls. These are all features to consider if you want to choose the perfect sleep chair for you.

In this post, we have researched various sleep chairs and recliners and come up with the few top chairs we have studied as perfect. While they may not replace the full-sized bed, these sleep chairs can no doubt enhance your lounging experience and provide the relaxation you seek. So, what are your thoughts about our best chair company review?

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My name is Cheryl and I am a Professional Nurse and I often face a lot of stress at work. For over 10 years now I have been suffering from insomnia in various forms. In addition, every day I see patients who cannot sleep or wake up very quickly. However, in order to support myself and the same people, I decided to create this project about sleep and everything connected with this wonderful process of every person's life. Respectfully, Cheryl Collins.

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